REMIT Reporting for transactions in power and gas trading

vp Energieportfolio is RRM for power and gas transactions under REMIT.

We offer a platform for the REMIT Reporting Service of standard and non-standard contracts for electricity and gas as well as a range of reporting services made fpr specific requirements. vp Energieportfolio is registered under ACE code B00039142.DE as reporting system (RRM) with ACER and has been accepted as RRM on February 22nd 2016. With VPE clients will report their data directly to the Agency's REMIT Information System (ARIS).

Efficient hierarchy of access, needs-based gradation of services and a modern user interface at low cost: With vp Energieportfolio market participants will experience a smooth and flawless reporting of all life cycle events without complications:

  • A graded hierarchy of rights determines the access rights of your colleagues, employees or service providers. This allows you to submit data in line with four- or six-eyes principle for all reports of your business.
  • In your reporting account you keep track of all relevant master data of your company, the reported contracts as well as the not yet fully completed transaction data.
  • vis proxy specialises in non-standard contracts, in particular in the gas market. Here we provide an adjustment of our system for structures in the input form prescribed by the Implementing Regulation.
  • We maintain actual price series and indices for power and gas. This reduces calculation for complex non-standard contracts and executions.
  • Convenience is our mission: We minimize input costs through predictive consistency logic. Error messages can be avoided in advance of notification. This reduces your compliance risk.
  • For combination of non-standard contracts with executions we provide automated reporting.
  • The platform can also be used for input of data and subsequent export of the requisite XML file for reporting elsewhere. Conversely, you can import an XML file generated elsewhere file the contract data for reporting via vp Energieportfolio.
  • We provide all usual interface languaged for export from, and import into your own systems.
  • Receipt notifications and error messages of ARIS are displayed immediately upon receipt. You will also receive an immediate notification via SMS when a report was incorrect or incomplete.
  • Highest level of safety in the authorisation and authentication as reporting client as well as for the access to our systems.
  • Our pricing scheme opens access to the reporting service even for small energy suppliers at attractive conditions.

vis proxy offers the reporting service based on annual subscriptions as well as for reporting resulting from short-term needs. Here you find our most actual products. vp Energieportfolio does not perform proprietary trading. An independent enterprise it is mutually separated from trading interests. Along with the direct reporting to ACER this guarantees confidentiality of data - solely to your benefit.

If you are interested in the REMIT message service, please fill in the request form or send a message to tagged "REMIT reporting service".


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