Signals for Portfolio Management Power & Gas


Alert Gasimport: We inform you, if and when import volumes from Norway and Russia change in a significant proportion.


Signal Service: Do you know how much of your open positions should be procured at any specific time? A portfolio manager do you need a concrete indication what volumes of your trade account exposure you should buy or sell at a given time? With our Signal Service you receive an exact buy or sell recommendation (depending on your trading strategy) for any contract selected (NCG, GPL, Phelix Base, Phelix Peak).


Limit Service: You are receiving a message once the price of a contract that you have selected (NCG, GPL, Phelix Base, Phelix Peak) is leaving a corridor that has been chose by you individually.


Settle Service: On a aily basis you receive an overview of EEX Trade with Bid-Offer Spreads, Max und Min prices during the tading day and certaily the settlement prices for all contracts desired.


Should you be interested in these services please send a message to with the desired Service in the Re-line.