Tenders for medium sized Stadtwerke. Market-oriented procurement structure with a desired risk preference for fixed-price, market-price-indexed and oil bound conditions.

Tenders for storage capacity or virtual store, market access and biogas procurement. Negotiating contracts and support for the operational implementation.

Writing of risk manual, calculation of risk premiums and margins in an energy distribution company (electricity and gas). Implementation of a retail portfolio strategy.

Accompanied by power supply for a gas power plant (reconnection). Support and implementation of all regulatory and network side issues to the development of an optimized use booking strategy.

Advising a foreign power producers in the participation in the Open Season process Lasów (D-PL) and booking of transport capacities in the context of gas procurement strategy.

Analysis and evaluation of legal dispute regarding pricing adjustment clause in a supply contract (fixed price after automatic renewal).

Co-counseling for the Austrian regulator E-Control Austria in the implementation of the new market regulatory processes gas (entry / exit, and balancing).

Co-counseling within transaction process (buy-side) of a German gas network operator on capacity marketing and competition.

Study on the procurement of load flow commitments by German gas network operator commissioned by the BNetzA, together with DNV KEMA

Compliance Audit and consulting of German electricity distribution company to implement statutory (EnWG, EEG, BGB) and regulatory obligations (i.e. invoicing, complaint management, GT&C).

Supported an international trading company to establish access to exchanges, markets and grid operators for power and gas in Europe.